Hiroshima Castle

A little ways down the road… Our next stop was Hiroshima Castle we actually went on the same day as Peace Memorial Park but I decided to make a separate post because well it deserves it’s own post. I just want to state for the record that the only day I decided to wear jeans was actually the hottest day of the 10 days I was in Hiroshima, just my luck! Anyways the castle isn’t too far from the park but it was a million degrees so it felt like an eternity, haha.

Hiroshima Castle is also known as “Carp Castle.” It is a 1958 reconstruction of the original castle; the original was constructed in 1590. The original was destroyed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 during World War II.  LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!_DSF3106_Fotor

The present castle consists of the black-colored keep only and is a 26m-high five-story building. Inside the castle keep is a history museum dedicated to the history of Hiroshima, Hiroshima Castle and other Japanese castles. The castle grounds contain the Hiroshima Gokoku and a concrete bunker from which the first radio broadcast out of Hiroshima after the 1945 atomic bombing was broadcast. Seriously, wow!_DSF3107_Fotor

Also, there were ninja’s and I HAD to take a picture with them, haha. I always have so much fun in Japan, I mean look at my face!_DSF3109_Fotor

There is also a beautiful Shinto Shrine as I mentioned above, The Gokoku Shrine. While we were there, there was a wedding going on. It was absolutely beautiful!_DSF3103_Fotor_DSF3105_Fotor

We actually entered through the front of the grounds but I really just wanted to start with showing ya’ll how beautiful Hiroshima Castle was!_DSF3096_Fotor_DSF3095_Fotor

After sweating up a storm and being in awe we headed over to get some drinks at 45 bis “あわ.” I definitely would recommend to pay this place a visit, it was so much. Also, this was the stat of a very GREAT night and also the worst hangover of my life, haha._DSF3115_Fotor

I know the post is a little short but short and sweet is good sometimes, no? Anyways, thanks for tuning in everyone! Oh and also, this is the first time I show my full face on our blog since we started it, felt a little weird. Well anyway, thanks again everyone! Stay tuned for the next one!


-J. Teg

Have any of you been to Hiroshima or the Hiroshima Castle? What was your experience like?

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