We’re the Teg’s and welcome to our blog! We are a married couple straight out of Southern California, now living in Japan on the beautiful Okinawa Island. We decided to take a kick at this blogging thing mainly to share our travels with friends and family back home, but we’d love to make new friends along the way!

As much as we are homebodies, we also love going on adventures and trying new things. Our only problem with that living stateside is that we didn’t know what real adventures were. Staying up past nine on the weekend was us living it up (we felt like two wild teens again). Going to a new city, new museum, new hiking trail, or even a new restaurant was a crazy, fun filled adventure to us.

Prior to moving to Japan and after hearing all the wonderful opportunities we’d have there, we made a promise to ourselves, to live life everyday like it was our last. Lucky for us, the best part about living in Japan is that we can fully express ourselves, both our lazy sleep-in and stay-at-home selves, and our new revamped adventurous selves. Japan has so much to offer throughout the year that it actually starts to become overwhelming (or so we hear). Where we fall in luck is usually around the end of the  year, for about three to four months there comes a period of ill, nasty weather. Typhoon season. Typhoons (the same as what would be a hurricane in the states) are taken very serious in Japan; literally everything closes (no work, no stores, no gym, no nothing). This is the breather we need to keep on keeping’ on with a positive outlook on it all.

Living out here already, we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the Okinawan culture and everything Japan has to offer. Things we expect to experience (and you should expect to read up on), to list a few, include fashion fads, zip lining, diving, festivals, Tokyo Disneyland, and traveling to neighboring countries.

If there’s something we haven’t covered and you’d like to get a kick out of reading our experience, message us and we’ll make our best efforts to get the most out of that experience (and write a piece on it of course!).

So all in all, enjoy our blog, please.

-The Tegs.

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